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Resources by Theme

Maps   (Map Activity – Geography and Landscape)

Archaeology   (What is Archaeology?)

Timeline of Egypt   (Timeline of Egypt)

Family history   (Family History Research activity)

Food   (Spot the difference Food, Baking and Brewing activity, Film 8)

Life as a child   (Spot the difference Life as a Child, Films 2, 6, 7)

The landscape   (Map Activity, Spot the difference The Landscape, Films 3, 10)

Transport   (Film 11, Spot the difference Transport, Travelling the Royal Road)

Art and culture   (Protective Powers, Producing Amulets – 2 activities)

Important People   (Work Part II Spot the difference, Family Tree worksheet)

Religion and Festivals   (Film 13, What and Where is Amarna? worksheet)

Death and the Afterlife   (Spot the difference Death and the Afterlife)

Comparing ancient and modern Egypt  (Film 9, Spot the difference sheets)

Languages   (Writing with Lines and Pictures activity, Film 2)

Weather   (Films 4,10, Spot the difference The Landscape)

To help you pick out the areas of daily life that

are most relevant to your teaching needs, we’ve organised everything – worksheets, videos,

spot the difference activities – by theme.

Learning composite

The story of Amarna  (Feature Film: Life Under the Sun, Akhenaten’s Family Tree, What & Where is Amarna?)

Building houses   (Spot the difference Building a House, Body Maths worksheet, Making Mudbricks worksheet)

Clothes   (Fabric and Fashion worksheet, Spot the difference Fashion and Work part I, Film 12)

Work/Jobs   (Spot the difference Work part I and part II)

Tourism   (Tourist Challenge activity)

Jokes   (Film 3)

Pets   (Film 5)


We are still building up these resources.

More options and activities will be added over time.

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