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The Teach Ancient Egypt Platform



Created by Archaeologists, Egyptologists and Teachers in Egypt and the UK, this platform will help children learn what life in Ancient Egypt was really like. There’s so much more to it than pyramids, pharaohs and mummies!

City Life, now and then
A modern Country with ancient History
What is Archaeology?
A History Lesson in the Amarna Visitor Centre
Learning about Textiles

From maths and science to literacy and art, all our resources are based on the theme of Ancient Egyptian daily life and bring together the experiences of normal Egyptians alongside those of the elite.

The learning resource also enables users to explore similarities and differences between life in Egypt in the past and life today.

You will find short videos by children from the UK and Egypt, editable worksheets, activity ideas, maps, timelines and more.

All Teachancientegypt resources may be downloaded and modified to fit your own school curriculum needs. Please be aware that these resources must not be used for commercial purposes or by other providers of reseources. They are only licensed for use by members of the teaching profession or school learners.

This platform builds on archaeological research and public engagement work at the site of Amarna in Middle Egypt by the University of Cambridge’s Archaeology Department and staff from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in collaboration with teachers from across Egypt and the UK.

This website was funded by the University of Cambridge through the Arts and Humanities Impact Fund, the Mulvey Fund and the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. The learning resources on this site developed out of research supported by an Institutional Links grant, ID 261861975, under the Newton-Mosharafa Fund partnership. The grant was funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Science and Technology Development Fund in Egypt and delivered by the British Council.  For further information, please visit

We hope that you enjoy using these teaching resources.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback - please get in touch!

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